Wall Mounted Mirrored Bedside Table

Thinking of buying a bedside table that’s simple yet elegant? How about one that is easy to install and convenient for you? Well, one such design is a wall mounted bedside table. Wall mounted mirrored bedside tables can come in handy when you have little space in your bedroom for anything else besides the bed and other storage such a dressing table or wardrobe. These tables are designed unlike any other bedside tables; they do not take up much room, are small in size – but large enough for you to place anything you want – and can use up very little material, whether wood, plastic or metal. You have the option of buying a single drawer, multiple drawers or just plain tables with shelves.

If you are up to the task, you can make your own wall mounted mirrored bedside table. You can combine items you already have into a very unique, functional and stylish table. For example, two iron brackets could be paired up with a tray then mounted to the walls to create a table. If you do not have the brackets, you can try something like wood or metal. You could then create the mirrored effect on the brackets, strips or the top. You could also order for new materials from your dealer. A DIY wall mounted bedside table will take you little time to put together. It also costs less hence saves you money. What’s more, you get to feel good about yourself for having accomplished something that’s of benefit to you.