Slim Mirrored Bedside Table

slim mirrored bedside tableSo, your bedroom is as functional as it could get but you feel that there could be more that can be done to make it feel and look right, right? Could this be because of its small size which limits the amount of items you move into the bedroom? If you can make room, you will without a doubt love having a slim mirrored bedside table. Not only will the table add visual appeal, it will also prove valuable to you. It could be the perfect place to put your bedside lamp, reading glasses and personal effects that you need to keep close by you.

A slim mirrored bedside table could fit into very little space. It can feature straight edges, beaded edges, curved edges or beveled edges. Because of its mirrored nature, this table has the ability to reflect natural light, sunlight and light from the lamps, filling the bedroom with much needed light. Choose the amount of drawers you want, from one drawer upwards. There’s quite a variety of colors to explore including champagne, silver, black, white and gold. If you want a blend of sparkly and natural colors, you could have just a few mirrored parts. The frame could be made of wood, MDF or metal whereas the mirrored parts could be made from glass and crystal. The prices for these tables vary depending on size and materials used but could be anything from $100 all the way up.  The tables are available at major furniture outlets as well as online stores.