Narrow Mirrored Bedside Table

narrow mirrored bedside tableJust like a small table, the narrow mirrored bedside table will take up very little of your bedroom space. It’s therefore the perfect fit for rooms with less space. The length and width of the table can be as short as you like but the height can make up for the lack of length. A taller one can create room for more drawers which translate to more storage space. You know you can never have enough storage space. The size of the table is really up to you. It can either be a one drawer, two-drawer or three-drawer piece of furniture. A mirrored table can create the impression of a brighter room especially when placed in darker rooms. What’s more, a narrow mirrored table can be done in any color you like whether reflective, clear, gold, silver, beige, white or black. The shiny aspect of the table makes it stand out in the room.

If you don’t want too much attention drawn to the table, you can maybe add something else that complements the table, something like decorative pillows or bedding. A narrow mirrored bedside table doesn’t have to be the boring, common type. You can easily find a piece that is well curved with a unique antique, eclectic, modern or contemporary design to liven up the entire room. The best thing with this kind of table is that there’s something for everyone; whether you are looking for something whose price is on the lower end or something a little pricier.