How to Choose the Perfect Mirrored Bedside Table

When it comes to furniture, bedside tables are often overlooked. They’re only considered for playing the supporting roles to the main item of a bedroom which, of course, is the bed. Some people prefer not to have bedside tables at all these days, but this piece of furniture can prove to be a very useful and multifunctional piece of furniture.

It can really add to the look and feel of your bedroom interior and ignoring it or failing to decorate it can ruin the overall outlook of your bedroom. Quite simply, it’s a piece of furniture that is worthy of putting some thought into.

Bedside tables serve as a platform for holding all your bedtime essentials. The perfect bedside table holds it all, your reading material, reading glasses, gadgets, devices, remote controls, a glass of water, and a reading lamp. It can also be used for a subtle yet beautiful display of personal objects that are tucked away from the public spaces such as your living room and kitchen.
If you have some memorable photographs, small artifacts, trinket and jewelry boxes, heirloom pieces, small vases, candles or anything of the sort, a bedside table is an ideal spot for it.
Here’re some things you should consider while choosing the perfect mirrored bedside table.

Match the Colors
Most people don’t pay attention to the color of the linings of a mirrored bedside table. Since most of the table is a mirror, you’d think it doesn’t have to match with the color of rest of the bedroom furniture.

True, it doesn’t have to match, but instead of getting a table that mismatches, you can go for a mirrored bedside table that has a similar color, or you can get something in contrasting colors so that your table stands out.

Equal Height
The mirrored bedside tables that you’re getting should be of similar if not of exactly equal height to your bed. Getting bedside tables taller than your bed can be really inconvenient for you and it can disturb your bedroom’s decor.

If you can’t find mirrored bedside tables that are of exactly equal height as your bed, you should go for the smaller ones instead of the taller tables.

Match the Shape
If your bedroom’s furniture is curved, getting perfectly square mirrored bedside tables will really be a bad choice. If you have rounded or curved furniture, make sure you get something similar. If you have symmetric and edged furniture, getting square or rectangular bedside tables will compliment it well. Matching the color of your furniture isn’t the only thing because the design and shape of the furniture matter as well.

Mirrored bedside tables can be a very good choice for your bedroom because they lighten up the room. Be sure you get a table that works well with the rest of your furniture because a good bedside table can make or break your room’s look.