DIY Mirrored Bedside Table

If you love to do the technical bit of assembling products, then you’ll love the DIY mirrored bedside tables. There are two ways to achieve this. One way would be to buy a brand new bedside table and have it delivered in a disassembled form. Thereafter, you can begin to assemble the item piece by piece. If you haven’t done this before, you could look up to the manual to be your guide. By following every step as indicated in the manual, you’ll have the work done in the shortest time possible. When the frame and legs are properly assembled, each of the remaining parts such as the drawers will fit easily. Caution should be observed, however, to prevent damage to the delicate mirrored parts in case you are using glass.

The second way of having a DIY mirrored bedside table would be to alter the table you are currently using. Say for example it’s a plain table and you’d like to have a black mirrored finish; some of the items you could use include a spray paint – of black color and one that’s glossy- sandpaper, a mirror that’s black in color and a wood primer. You could start by sanding all areas then apply the primer. The next step would be to cut the mirror. Ensure that as you cut, the sizes of the pieces formed aren’t larger than the sides of the table where you want to place the mirror. You could then glue the pieces and spray all other areas where you need the black color.