Antique Mirrored Bedside Table

An antique mirrored bedside table is everything you need in a classic piece of furniture. Retro, unique, well made and stylish, it will give your bedroom a good balance of the old and the new. You can use the bedside table with a range of decor styles. Contemporary, modern, traditional, country, vintage even classic styles bond well with antique pieces. And since it may be the only antique piece you have in the room, you’ll not be taking the antique look overboard when you place the table next to your bed. Because of its unique design, antique furniture tends to enhance the spaces where it’s used. As such, your antique bedside table will become the room’s focal point. Using one is a guarantee way of boosting style in your bedroom.

Some antique mirrored bedside tables are rather small. These are best used in equally small bedrooms, where one needs to pick furniture in small sizes to match the dimensions of the room. Other antique bedside tables are large and magnificence. As their size dictates, these fit better in larger bedrooms where space is in plenty. There are also models of a medium size and these can lean on the slightly small or slightly big side. A good number of them are true mediums as they are neither big nor small. In addition to the antique design which is eye catching, the mirror surface is another major attraction point in this table. To enhance the table’s magnificence, pick a model with a larger mirrored surface. This often means that the mirror does not only cover the table top but extends to the drawer fronts as well.