3 Drawer Mirrored Bedside Table

3drawer mirrored bedside tableIs your bedroom in need of an upgrade? Throw in a 3-drawer mirrored bedside table and you instantly transform this most loved of rooms from tired-looking to hip and happening. Mirrored furniture is irresistibly glamorous and in a bedroom that’s had the same look for a while, this glitzy outlook is what’s needed to liven up the place. Loosely speaking, a 3 drawer bedside table is the average size of bedside table, one that looks just as good in a small bedroom as it does in a much bigger one. It comes with enough space to keep little items like phone chargers, ties, socks, scarves, a notebook and pen, several books and a range of valuables, which you can safely lock inside one of the drawers.

If you’re lucky to come across a 3 drawer mirrored bedside table where one of the drawers is slightly bigger than the others, don’t hesitate to buy it. Think of the number of items that could fit into the larger space. Many designs of the 3-drawer bedside table have all the drawers in the same size, so a model where one drawer is bigger or one where each drawer is of a different size is a treasured find. Metal runners are inserted inside to ensure that the drawers open and close with ease. Some 3 drawer mirrored bedside tables have ornate knobs, which add to the furniture’s beauty. In some contemporary designs, the drawers are handle-free, a look that is very modern, minimalist and trendy.