Since the discovery of the mirror, which has come to be revered as one of man’s most treasured discoveries, as far back as 2000BC, mirror applications seem to increase from day to day. Among the most widely used is mirrored furniture, previously a preserve of the wealthy and royal classes but now, easily affordable for the masses. As furniture makers discovered more ways to make mirror furniture appropriate for as many applications as possible, the resulting creations proved to be timeless and have easily traversed the boundaries of time. History-watchers probably thought the fascination with mirrored furniture will fade with time but newer generations surprised them by wanting mirrored furniture as much as their forefathers did, if not more. Today, this type of furniture is adored as much by the veterans as it is by the baby boomers and the Y generation.

If you’re a first timer in buying mirrored furniture, beginning with a practical piece like a mirrored bedside table is a good way to get yourself oriented with the mirror culture. Not to sound cocky but seeing and using the bedside table every morning and evening is all it will take to develop a great fondness for all things mirror. Where do you begin and how do you ensure that you have the right mirrored bedside table for your room? With these guidelines below, this should be easy.

Picking the Perfect Mirrored Bedside Table
classic mirrored bedside table1. Size. It’s what you consider before looking at the material, design, color and all the glitzy additions you’d like to have on your furniture. The size of your mirrored bedside table is determined by the size of the bedroom. It’s quite correct to say that like any other bedroom furniture, the size of your bedside table is directly proportional to the size of your bedroom. In a large bedroom, feel free to use a large bedside table to match the size dynamics of the room.

The beauty about picking furniture with a mirror surface is that you can go for the biggest piece of furniture without worrying about it looking like it’s gobbled up all the space. The mirrored surfaces of the furniture do a fine job of making the furniture look smaller as the glass provides breaks from the continuous block of material, resulting in a look that’s very easy on the eye.

If you would like to try something different, consider combining two smaller bedside tables instead of one big one; if space allows it, why not? You’ll have even more space to place and store items and your styling scope will have grown a tad broader.

bedside2. Design. Mirrored furniture looks great even in the simplest of designs; the captivating mirrored portion of the furniture gets noticed before any other detail. But this is not to say that you shouldn’t feel obligated to find a design that’s more in line with your style. All furniture designers agree, which is why there are limitless design options in the market.

You may step out to get yourself a simple bedside table, but the variety you’ll across while shopping is bound to leave you overwhelmed if you didn’t have a specific style in mind. This is not entirely a bad thing because the more you look at the available designs the more you’ll be drawn to specific types of designs. Identify the kinds of designs you’re drawn to and then narrow down your search to models exhibiting these designs. It’s different for every buyer. Some like simpler designs while others prefer the more intricate designs – the kind that reminds you of castles and other royal dwellings. Or you may find yourself paying more attention to models with trimmed edges and other outstanding detailing. Chances are: Your trophy design will come from the designs you’re strongly drawn to.

3. Style. It’s true that mirrored furniture goes well with everything else. You can use in a traditionally themed house, a modern themed home and in any of the contemporary home décor styles. This does not mean that the mirrored furniture itself does not an identifying style of its own. And the same is true for your mirrored bedside table. It can be traditional, modern, shabby chic, contemporary, Art Deco, geometric or have Country-style leanings.

mirrored4. Color. The color of your bedside table is determined by the overall color theme of the bedroom. However, having a half or greater portion of it covered in mirror means you won’t have difficulty fitting your chosen piece into the room. Naturally, the mirror aspects of the furniture blend well with most colors. This leaves only the frame to consider. It’s always best to match the frame to the rest of the furniture in the room if you’re going for a symmetric look. If not, a little contrast may create surprisingly interesting look that you’ll fall in love with. Don’t be shy to choose a frame in a glaringly different color as it may just give you the break you’re looking for in creating a new-look bedroom.

5. Price. Quite a significant determinant of what you can have and what you can’t, the price of the bedside table matters a lot because it is directly tied to your budget. It is always a good idea to window-shop before making the actual purchase just to get an idea of what different designs cost. Some models are quite affordable, even cheap, particularly those that come in basic, non-complicated designs. Generally, the more complex the design, the more you can expect to pay for it.

Likewise, the materials used to make the bedside \table also have a bearing on the price. Expect to pay more for pieces with solid wood frames and frames made from first grade metals. If the table has a lot of extra features, it might also command a higher price. Pieces from well-known designers and brands are also significantly more expensive than mass produced models from a generic manufacturer.

Why a Mirrored Bedside Table Is a Hit
Granted, there are many other styles of bedside tables you could go for, but you’ll see why a mirrored option is a far superior choice in just a moment.

modern1. It’ll open up your bedroom. It doesn’t matter tiny you consider your bedroom to be; adding a mirrored bedside table will noticeably open it up. This is does by reflecting the light in the room and increasing brightness. Plus, even the largest of bedrooms looks better when it appears brighter so there’s nothing like, “My bedroom is big enough. It doesn’t need ‘opening up.’”

2. It’s guaranteed to add style to your bedroom. You know how you’re never sure what the outcome will be with some design choices? This is not the case with a mirrored bedside table. Mirrored furniture happens one of the few furniture styles where you already know the impact on the room will be glowingly positive even before you buy it; which makes a mirrored bedside table a win right from the start.

3. It is quite strong and sturdy. In other words, your little piece is quite durable and will easily surprise you with its longevity. Even the accidental nicks, pricks and bangs are unlikely to break it, unlike what many assume. This is made possible because before the mirror glass is affixed onto the furniture, it is hardened to toughen it up for the pressures of regular use.

4. Maintaining is simple. Think a piece of cloth and glass cleaner. That’s it. None of those abrasive detergents, cleaning agents and a dozen steps of cleaning procedure you have to go through with some furniture materials. With mirror furniture, it’s a simple A to B process. And a cheaper one too.

gold5. The mirror style is timeless. Your mirrored bedside table will remain relevant even when you change your décor. That’s the beauty of going for mirrors. Their elegance supersedes all style limitations, and you can go from traditional home décor to urban without ever replacing your mirrored bedside table.

6. It comes with additional storage space. You can never have too much storage in the bedroom. Stuff always appears to magically increase in the bedroom and before you know it, you need even more space to keep it. Except for a tabletop bedside table which comes without cabinets or drawers underneath, all other bedside table designs provide several drawers or cabinets for your storage needs. Some have only one or two; others have a lot more. Scout around for a model with the right number and depth of drawers/cabinets for your requirements.

Keeping your bedroom presentable and stylish is sometimes as easy as adding a mirrored bedside table. This glamorous, timeless furniture blends into other décor styles quite well, and can be used decorated in all manner of themes and styles. Choose a mirror bedside table in the right size and you’ll have found the perfect furniture to give your bedroom a fuller look and add style in an effortless way. Plus you could do with the extra storage.